Kawtar Turns Ten

This is how it happens here. One afternoon, we get a phone call from our host sister Amal. “Kawtar’s birthday is tomorrow. We’re having a party. Come over at four!”

No advance notice. No way of knowing what we’re about to walk into. A small, family-only gathering for tea and a few pastries? Or a full-blown PARTYYYYY? Turns out it was the latter.


Amal with her three kids.

There was even a face sheet cake involved! (And it was a photo that I took last year, when we first moved to site!)

The house was so packed with people that it felt like a furnace in there! Especially when the dancing started.






This is something that happens way too often to me nowadays… Moroccan women forcing me to dance while I whine in protest. Usually it involves tying a scarf around my hips and then physically moving them for me. (My hips do, in fact, lie.)






Kawtar is such a special person, so we were very happy that we got to celebrate her! Even at ten, her sense of compassion and her sense of humor are extraordinary. She feeds sick street cats even though she’s scared of them. She gets along with anyone. She takes being a kid very seriously. Even though her family doesn’t have much, she makes the most of everything. It’s ALWAYS fun hanging out with her. She’s hilarious. She’s always making the silliest faces and jokes.



We love all of Amal’s kids to no end. Fatine, Youssef, and Kawtar have been big parts of this past year of our lives. And we’re very grateful they welcomed us into their family.


Bonus pictures of Robert wrangling some kiddos:

(These pictures are symbolic of why we love kids and also don’t ever want any of our own, hahahahaha!)

Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie


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