Everyday Details: Snapchat & 1 SE

One of the things we miss most is knowing the small details of our friends and family’s everyday lives. Even though modern technology allows us to be super connected, communication and “quality time” with our American loved ones is extremely different when we live so far away. When we video chat or message each other on Facebook, we usually only talk about the Big Things in our lives. The almost 6,000 miles between Seattle and here is bridged by some things, but some things seem unbridgeable.

This is one of the main reasons we’re starting a new 2016 Project: 1 Second Everyday. Every day this year, we are going to record a one-second long video of the details in our everyday lives. On January 1st 2017, we will (inshallah) have a 366-second video of our daily moments in Morocco. (It’s a leap year, so we get an extra second!)

Here’s January’s Video Compilation:

Every month, we’ll update the 1SE videos here.

Furthermore, we’re encouraging our friends and family to get Snapchat. We love getting photos and videos that are too frivolous to put on Facebook or Instagram. These glimpses of your everyday lives remind us of home. Despite how jealous we get when people send us pictures of food we can’t get here or the Pacific Northwest landscape, we still love seeing them! Add us (username: juliefeng) or use the snapcode below.


(Also we can send each other cat pics, hehe.)


Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie

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