Put Your Floos Where Your Fmm Is

This post, we’re taking you on a quick grocery shopping trip with us! Marhaba, marhaba. You will get a better sense of where we get our food, as well as about the value of a dirham. We’re putting our floos (money) where our fmm (mouth) is!

These are the main places we get our groceries:

1. The vegetable cart that wheels past our street every day at either 11 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. We love this guy because he never speaks French to us AND gives us the price in dirhams instead of ryals or francs. (Learn more about the confusion of Moroccan currency here on our friends Matt & Anne’s blog!) This is yesterday’s veggie haul:


This pile of ultra-fresh beauties set us back a whoppin’ 18 dirhams, aka about $1.80. Actually, the peppers were thrown in as a freebie—a super common thing for veggie sellers to do.

2. Hanuts in the neighborhood. Hanuts are little shops you usually can’t walk into. Most of them, you stand at the window and ask the mul hanut (shopowner) for all the things you need. We love this because it forces us to improve our Arabic! Plus mul hanuts are generally awesome people.


We have a few main hanuts we go to in our ‘hood. We have to make sure we hit all of them regularly in order to say hi to our mul hanut friends. Also, only one of them carries Milka bars, our new favorite candy. (A strictly splurge-only treat at a whole 10 dirhams/$1 per bar!) Here’s the regular haul from our main mul hanut:


Milk: 8 dh (80 cents)

Round of bread [only half pictured]: 1.2 dh ($1.20)

Eggs: 1 dh per (10 cents per)

Coffee: 15 dh ($1.50)

Cocoa: 10 dh ($1.00)

Muesli yogurts: 2 dh per (20 cents per)

Indomie instant noodles: 4 dh (40 cents)

Tea: 15 dh ($1.50)

Aicha tomato sauce: 7 dh (70 cents)

3. The Shtayba, the large daily market in our city. Because the Shtayba is a half-hour walk away, we only ever make it there about once a month. It’s like souk, but souk is on Sundays only. Unlike everyone else in Morocco, we never go to souk. The Shtayba is great because it’s got a lot more fruit and veggie options than anywhere else!

4. The Carrefour. About a 15-minute walk away from our house, this French supermarket is one of the main chains in Morocco. We’re very lucky to have one in our small city. We usually go once every two weeks to pick up the special items that hanuts and veggie carts don’t have. (The Carrefour is the only place we’ve found broccoli so far, and it’s only there once in a blue moon.) Here’s a receipt from a particularly expensive Carrefour trip two weeks ago:


Luxury items of note:

Spinach wraps: 25.90 dh ($2.60)

Vermicelli noodle packet: 23.50 ($2.40)

Nutella: 37.50 dh ($3.80)

A whole rotisserie chicken: 36.95 ($3.70)

In total, we racked up 281.95 dh of stuff! That’s about $28. Whew… We’re going to have a tough time grocery shopping when we go back to the states.

Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie

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