Work Meetings in Paradise

What are your work meetings like? This is what ours are like:

No big deal.

No big deal.

At the beginning of September, right before we started working at the Dar Chebab again, we had regional meetings. Peace Corps Morocco is split up into four different geographical regions. Ours is the Mid-West Region.

Most of the Mid-West region PCVs and our regional managers.

Most of the Mid-West region PCVs and our regional managers.

We met in Oualidia, a small coastal town with one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. A sprawling sandbar, turquoise waters, endless rows of colored fishing boats, silhouettes of fishermen hauling in their catches of the day.



Besides beachside beauty, the regional meeting was wonderful in other ways as well. It was an amazing opportunity to speak to other PCVs about like-minded projects and to collaborate. Robert got to talk to other PCVs who are spearheading health and science programs, and I got to pitch my writing/TEFL stuff. It was extremely productive and useful—which can’t be said about most U.S. government meetings, ahahahaha.

Some cool stuff coming up in this next school year, inshallah: Health/Peace Hike, TEFL Training of Trainers,  SIDA Bike Trek, Write On! (of course! I’ll be talking about this a lot more!), and a huge health program led by another PCV which Robert will be helping implement and I’ll be helping write the proposal for. Plus, lots more official trainings, including Life Skills, Gender Advocate, Healthy Lifestyles, and Library Training. In other words, we’ll be really busy.

We get to work with some cool people. :)

We get to work with some cool people. 🙂

We will absolutely be returning to Oualidia another time, maybe for a weekend trip. It was full of treasures. For meals, we simply walked to the seaside, where fishermen were selling their fresh-caught wares. We’d pick out our cravings—sol fish, clams, mussels, red rock crab, calamari, and even a sting-ray—and then they’d grill it for us right there. One PCV asked the fishermen for more crab, and they replied, “We don’t have any more. Wait one minute!” And then they literally walked back into the ocean and pulled out their crab trap! It was as fresh as possible. On the walk back to the hotel, we’d always buy some 6-dirham (60cent) oysters with a squeeze of lemon.



Basically, what we’re saying is that never again in our working lives will we have meetings this fabulous. This job rocks.

Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie


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