Blog It Home Contest

Our blog is a finalist in the Blog It Home Contest!!!

If we win enough votes, aka Facebook likes, we will win a trip to Washington DC and be able to represent Morocco in a technology tour. Inshallah inshallah inshallah.

To vote for us, please go this link and click “like” on Robert’s photo of the lighthouse on the Rabat beach at sunset!


We would be a million x grateful if you like the picture. Representing in this technology tour means a lot to us. Not only do we want to share Morocco’s beautiful culture with our fellow Americans, but we want to represent diversity in the Peace Corps in a non-tokenizing way. PCVs of color are way under-represented everywhere.

Here, we work every day to break stereotypes of Americans, indigenous Americans, and Americans of color. We also want to break stereotypes of Morocco and Moroccans to friends, family, and countrymen back home.

Here is the voting page again, in copy-and-paste form, if the link above doesn’t work:

The photograph we chose to “encapsulate Moroccan culture” is not stereotypically Moroccan in any way. We discussed using pictures of spice vendors or jellaba salesmen or people on camel treks. While all of these things are wonderful parts of Morocco, we feel that images of them can be sometimes exotifying and orientalist. Also, Moroccans are very private about their pictures being on social media—so we definitely preferred not to use a photo with faces showing. We always ask for permission to post pictures of people, and we didn’t want to put anyone we know in the position of wanting to help us but not wanting their picture so public. Although to be honest, if we could have taken a picture of a Moroccan person pouring tea with a minaret in the background—that’s the one we would have chosen. 😉 Anyways, it was one of the most difficult things to choose a picture that needed to “represent” all of Morocco’s diverse and complex parts!

So we chose a picture that captures the prevailing emotions of Moroccan life: peace, love, and light. People all walking together. A brilliant sun.

Peace be upon you all!

Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie


3 thoughts on “Blog It Home Contest

  1. bdwhite says:

    You guys have an awesome blog! I’m starting PST in two weeks and I’ve definitely enjoyed reading a PC blog from the perspective of a person of color. Definitely voting for you two. Best of luck!


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