A Trip to Dar Zerhoune in Moulay Idriss

Through winding cobbled streets, past the bustling local souk, nestled against a pearly hilltop in the holy city of Moulay Idriss Zerhoune—there is a haven called Dar Zerhoune.

Robert and I, along with a group of other volunteers, were lucky enough to get to spend a radiant weekend there. Dar Zerhoune is owned by Rose Button and managed by Hajiba, two amazing women. The place is cozy and elegant, modern and ancient, and full of stunning light. I want to recommend it to everyone who is living in Morocco or just traveling through.

Enjoying icy water infused with mint on the gorgeous roof terrace.

Enjoying icy water infused with mint on the gorgeous roof terrace.

For Peace Corps Volunteers: Dar Zerhoune is a bit out of the normal PCV budget, unless you’re up for a splurge weekend (which we all need once in a while). But the cool thing is, Rose has a “children-fly-for-free” type of deal for Peace Corps Volunteers. If a PCV’s family comes to visit Morocco and they stay at Dar Zerhoune, the PCV can stay for free in a shared room or for half-off in their own room!

Sunset from the Dar Zerhoune roof.

Sunset from the Dar Zerhoune roof.



Seriously, this roof is one of the best roofs I’ve EVER been on. Even if you’re just passing through Moulay Idriss town or you’re staying at another hotel/riad, I highly recommend having lunch at Dar Zerhoune just to experience the roof. They’re open just as a restaurant as well.

Couscous lunch!

Couscous lunch!

Rose and the Dar Zerhoune staff are active community partners in Moulay Idriss. They support several community projects in town, including the SOS Children’s Village and “Donkey Days” that sponsor free vet care for local hardworking donkeys. Not only that, but they are counterparts to PCVs!

The lovely Rose, owner of Dar Zerhoune.

The lovely Rose, owner of Dar Zerhoune.

Rose is an engineer as well as a guesthouse owner, which means that every little detail is thought of and taken care of at Dar Zerhoune. It’s got warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, and anything else you might want.

Moulay Idriss is a really lovely town. It’s mostly famous for its Roman ruins, Volubilis or Walili. For a while before we visited, tons of people kept telling us we needed to go see the gorgeous ruins. As a classical history nerd, it definitely made it on my travel list. And Volubilis did not disappoint for sure.




IMG_0171 - Copy

However, while everyone talks about Volubilis as the must-see thing in Moulay Idriss, no one ever told us about the other treasures in town! That’s another reason why Dar Zerhoune and Rose are fabulous. We learnt about so many other hidden beauties that tourists don’t usually know about. For instance, Rose led us to a Roman hot spring that was only a short hike away!

Hot springs!

Hot springs!


The walk to the springs itself was pretty amazing, even in the relentless Moroccan sun.



Another treasure of Moulay Idriss: the world's only ROUND mosque minaret!

Another treasure of Moulay Idriss: the world’s only ROUND mosque minaret!

Here’s some contact info for Dar Zerhoune:

icontwitter iconig iconfbiconemail


Click here for their websiteClick here for their TripAdvisor page. And here’s their phone number: +212 (0) 642 247 793

We’re hoping to make more Trip to Morocco recommendation posts. But there was no question that we were going to start with the beautiful Dar Zerhoune!

Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie



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