Notes & Anecdotes: Part 4

We don’t just want to write about the Big Things in our lives, so here we’ll share small stories and quick blips and such. Catch all the Notes & Anecdotes here

  • We went back to our pre-wifi-in-house cafe to meet our tutor, and our favorite cafe guy greets us with “You guys haven’t been here for 22 days! Where have you been???” …I guess he missed us! 😀
  • There’s this one dog in town who just looooooves to lazily stroll across busy streets and to lay down in the middle of the road. He stresses us out, but it’s always a relief to catch sight of him! He hangs out downtown, which is called Centreville, so we’ve taken to calling him “Centredog” (pronounced “saunter dog.” A double entendre).
  • We’ve decided to serve chocolate milk to all of our guests who don’t want tea. It’s been very popular.
  • I found out that our mudir tore down the flyer I put up for my Intermediate English class because I left out the “alif” in the definite article on the word “Thursday” (lkhmis)… Really, dude? No leeway? Not even a little? … I mean, I could have just used a pen to draw a line in front of the word. There! An alif! Grrrr…
  • Laundry disaster the other day: it started downpouring the moment I finished washing everything, right as I was about to carry it all to the roof to dry. Aghh! Sucks extra because laundry here takes 3 times as long and 5 times as much manual labor.
  • What makes me the happiest is just hanging out with friends in town. For instance, hanging out in the forest with one of our lovely friends, Hazar (not pictured cos we don’t have her permission to post yet). We brought a “picnic” (aka takeout pizza and ice cream from the Carrefour) and had a grand ol time climbing trees and spinning on the playground equipment!
Mmmmm pizza picnic!

Mmmmm pizza picnic!

  • We finally, finally, finally have all our carte de sejour papers! In a bout of excellent efficiency, we photocopied them and notarized them in the span of an hour. The people who work at the notary office are kind-of friends. As they were stamping our papers, they complained to us that American English impossible to understand. (“British English is clearer! Why do you Americans pronounce “t”s like “d”s? Like “ledder” instead of “letter”! I can’t understand anything Obama says on the television.”)
  • But alas, we haven’t gotten them processed yet… Our Regional Manager, Fatima, came to visit us yesterday. She tried to help us get them processed, as well as finish up house rental paperwork and open our PO box. Unfortunately, an entire day of attempted errands came out to nothing thanks to various external factors. Ah well, we’ll keep trying…
  • Walking home the other day, overheard some random kid we don’t know say to his friend, “That’s Julie!” Is this awesome or freaky?
  • Ever important food updates: With the help of our new blender, we’ve been making milkshakes! So far, we’ve done mocha and peach&banana. Up next, strawberries, nectarines, cucumber/melon/orange, and watermelon!

Yours Truly,

Robert & Julie


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