Notes & Anecdotes: Part 2

We don’t just want to write about the Big Things in our lives, so here we’ll share small stories and quick blips and such. 

  • Our carte de sejour journey continues. Last week, we had to go to the Ministry of Justice and Liberties in Rabat to apply for another security clearance. It all turned out well though! Luckily, Fatima—our Safety and Security Coordinator—was there to fix everything like the badass she is. As a huge plus, we were able to stop by the Information and Resource Center in the Rabat office, where M’hamed the librarian hooked us up with a pile of pages! A happy Julie requires lots and lots of books, so that in itself made the trip worth it.
Fatima, our superhero!

Fatima, our superhero!

  • I’ve been trying to study a bit of Arabic every night in between kaskrut and dinner–but one night, my host sister decided that there was a more pressing priority for my integration. So instead, we youtube searched “bride falling off amaria” and watched like twenty videos.
  • We had our first visitors! Matt and Anne live in a neighboring town and needed to come to our city to pick up their luggage. Because of the camp, we hadn’t picked ours up yet either. So we turned it into a fun exploring day!


  • One of our host family’s favorite topics is which soap opera star looks the most like Robert. Which always turns into a conversation about how Arab he looks. Guess who is left out of this conversation, hhhhhh. 😛
  • When we’re at the café, sometimes random dudes wander in selling homemade foods. We buy one every time. Our favorite is this meat pastry thing. Is this a bad idea for our bowels? Probably… we’ll see. But who cares—they’re delicious! And at least we know they’re halal.
  • I have finally achieved the impossible. I drank enough bowls of hrira (Moroccan soup, my favorite stuff in the whole world) that NO ONE TOLD ME TO SHRB, KULI, OR ZIDI. They just all looked at me as I patted my protruding stomach and nodded approvingly.
  • We’ve found some unique strategies to deal with overly hyper kiddos.



Julie & Robert


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