Notes & Anecdotes: Part 1

We don’t just want to write about the Big Things in our lives, so here we’ll share small stories and quick blips and such. 

  • We have a cafe! The qhwa ns ns is on point and there appears to be air conditioning once summer hits. The l-3asir d lavoka is a bit pricey, but we’re friends with the garsuns and the baristas now, so this place is pretty much a done deal. 🙂
  • We got our carte de sejour (legal residency cards) pictures done… and they photoshopped us! Ahahahahaha.
  • We have been pressured into being koura (what Americans call soccer) fans. “I don’t know” is apparently not an acceptable answer to “Which team do you like?” … Thus, I guess we’re now Barςa and Raja Casablanca fans… (?????)
  • There’s a guy on the Turkish soap opera who looks EXACTLY like one of my editors back in the states.
  • I have a gym buddy now! Hopefully. Our host sister Amal told me that once work settles down, she’d take me to one of the women’s gyms in town so we can work out together. I’m super excited. Poor Robert needs to find his own gym.
  • One day, these two young women came over for kaskrut. They knew a bit of English, so we were having fun talking to them in a hybrid Darija/English. Turns out, they’re both doctors at the city hospital! Robert got their numbers, of course. He’s itching to do some health volunteer work. Even if that doesn’t work out though, they’re potentially some good contacts. (I’m dreaming up a Goals for Girls workshop where Moroccan women to come talk about their careers with young girls, inshallah.)
  • We have been on a weeklong quest for strawberries. Every time we see the strawberry cart guy, we’re on our way to something important and can’t stop to get any… but when we go back, he’s gone! Every. Single. Time. We’re going to feel so accomplished when we finally buy some freakin’ strawberries.
  • Some of the new normal things in my life now: impromptu dance parties, getting applause from the whole room every time I read an advertisement or label (I got even whooping when I read the jam jar! …Dude, Arabic is hard…), hardcore stares every time I walk down the street, planning my days around when I’ll get wifi, a dozen glasses of tea every day, stuffing some TP in my pocket every time I go out just in case, looking forward to cous cous Friday every week, and socializing ten times more than I’m used to (yet feeling even more introverted as the days pass).

All our love,

Robert & Julie


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